Jul 112016

The Army needed engineers and after basic training I was sent to Lehigh University to study engineering. Lehigh University was a short ride from New York City and weekends were spent in Manhattan. I spent Saturday afternoons listening to the New York Philharmonic under a new young conductor, Leonard Bernstein. Evenings were at jazz joints: Read More

Jun 292016
You're in the Army Now

In April of 1942, on the way to a lecture on American history I stopped by the journalism building to read the Associated Press bulletins. Some 78,000 troops (66,000 Filipinos and 12,000 Americans) on Bataan had surrendered. There had never been an American surrender of such size. I was so filled with shame and tears Read More

Jun 212016
Sniper Eyes

I began wearing thick glasses at age four. I was nearsighted. An optician noted that my eyes did not work together. I saw with one eye at a time, usually the left one. The suggested solution was a stereopticon device with slightly different photographs on each side. I was told to force myself to use Read More